Our product "Café Don Mayo"

etiquetamolidoIt is 100% pure, Tarrazú source, quality, European jet preparation, specialty type and a medium roast which highlights the attributes of sweetness and acidity characteristic of our coffee by the height where it is produced and plantation management and benefited.

Café Don Mayo, is a coffee that has a distinct fragrance and sweet flavor - chocolate, high acidity, good body and a unique flavor.

Cup attributes that can be found in our coffee are fruit flavors and fragrances and citrus. Its flavor always stand cover honey sweetness and fine acidity.

An important aspect to consider is that the coffee in the milling process, it works microlots ie processed by its origin and date of entry because each farm has a height, varieties and different conditions which makes their characteristics maintained and highlighting.

Our mission will be provided through our product, create wealth and culture that produces quality cup Costa Rica, especially Tarrazú area. We turn to lovers of good coffee and also those who want to know all the work and effort that is behind a drink so exotic and complex result of hard work under sun and rain all year round and do things with dedication and care, as is a value of our family!


cafeTo purchase Café Don Mayo, our presentation available is 450 grams beans or ground coffee with medium roast, top quality, 100% and toasted caturra request. So you are always guaranteed fresh and crisp with the best choice of beans.

Visit us at our points of sale:
Café Don Mayo, Rio Segundo de Alajuela, Costa Rica.